President Theme

Dr. Shrinivas Rao


"Building Bones, Strengthening Bonds."

President's Message

Dear Seniors, Friends and Colleagues,

Together with my colleagues at the Gujarat Orthopaedic Association I extend my warm greetings to all of you.

I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Gujarat Orthopaedic Association. Indeed, the growth of the Association has been propelled by the individuals who were Past Presidents, Executve Committee members and others collectively. I look forward to continuing their important work towards fulfilling the mission of GOA. I am lucky to have a team of very enthusiastic, dependable colleagues who will leave no stone unturned to give their best.

Our Executive Committee has declared this year's Presidential Theme as "Building Bones, Strengthening Bonds".This theme is in consonance with the Presidential Theme of the Indian Orthopaedic Association.

 In pursuance of this theme we intend to have half a day academic treatise on Osteoporosis, hold lectures by our members in schools, colleges and geriatric groups, and involve groups like NetProFaN and Indian Dietetic Association for various activities. These programs will be spread over the year and will be conducted by all the Zonal chapters covering the whole of Gujarat.

We also intend to intensify the membership drive so as to rope in more and more of our professional colleagues who are yet to be enrolled.

We are examing the feasibility of starting a state travelling fellowship for our young surgeons.

Meanwhile, needless to say, your suggestions are welcome any time. Me and my colleagues in the  Executive Committee are just a phone call away.

Once again, I stand humbled and am fully aware of the shoes I am stepping in to and I pray that you strengthen my hands to steer our Association in a way that all of you deem fit.

Wishing you all a great, fullfilling  and fun fillled year

Dr Shrinivas Rao

Secretary's Message

Dr. Ketan Thakkar



It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to take up the post of the Secretary of Gujarat Orthopedic Association.

The adage of Spiderman always reminds me, 

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”  I fully understand the tasks and challenges ahead of us and I do convey my deep gratitude to all the respected seniors and dear colleague friends to repose faith in my capabilities. We will always be working in unison  and I will confess that we are so gratified to have a wonderful set of efficient  and effervescent Executive Committee team members. 

We have had our pioneers, the torch-bearers who have created a foundation of our association; we have had passionate academicians and administrators who have nurtured this organisation and it is for the current and future generations to take Gujarat Orthopedic Association to bigger, better, bolder heights. We need to ensure continuity and consistency along with an open mindset to accommodate innovations and changes. 

Reinforcing  the theme of the President of Indian Orthopedic Association - ‘Strong Bones, Stronger Nation’ , our GOA President Dr. Shrinivas Rao has aptly selected 

‘BUILDING BONES, STRENGTHENING BONDS’ as the theme which will reverberate and resonate the same principles.

My immediate predecessors Dr. Kamlesh Devmurari and Dr. Navinbhai Thakkar have done fabulous work and upgraded the memberships and other information data. This in an ongoing onerous task which will need a lot of support and help from all regional/ zonal/ city chapters whom we plan to make regular affiliates during this year. This is for smoother communication and coordination for all the activities and events of our parent association- GOA. 

I am always open for ideas and suggestions to improve and enhance our association.  Please do keep them pouring in. 

I seek your blessings for the endeavours which we all plan to fulfil and make our association stronger. 


- Dr. Ketan Thakkar 

Secretary, Gujarat Orthopedic Association 2023-25

Welcome to Gujarat Orthopedic Association

We at Gujarat Orthopedic Association are proud to present our website in new avatar!
This is not a simple website but a web application! You can actually interact with other members, post your cases and seek comments, suggestions.

  • The webapp will have digital directory of members and associate members.
  • Digital library: Members, resident members can log in the library, where all the study presentations will be stored in proper classified manner.
  • Membership portal : As part of membership drive and paperless technology the membership form, consent and approval will be automated followed by online payment gateway.
  • Members login and profile : Each member will have login, profile updating which they can do it by themselves.
  • Infinity page will enable members to actively participate by sending presentations, youtube links or video presentations.
  • The academic information flow will create tremendous value to the members, resident students.
  • Executive committee messages to all members can also be sent by single click.
  • Live events, webinars can be seen by direct link on the webapp.
  • Conferences management will also be possible through this dynamic application.

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Let us have evolution together by sharing! on our Platform

  • Our Misson
  • Our Vision

Our Misson

The Misson of the association is to edify - enlighten, improve, nurture, instruct, educate, teach, learn and spread...all the knowledge in the global orthopaedic ecosystem by sharing with each other. The knowledge should be imparted to the community as well as part of every orthopaedic surgeons Mission. Orthopaedic surgeons should serve the community by means of advocating knowledge for prevention of all possible orthopaedic diseases.

Evolution of Gujarat Orthopedic Association has been a result of contributions through hard work, sincerity and dedication by a number of our colleagues.

Every fraternity member belonging to the GOA contributes to its evolution in his own way. Every cadre of surgeons in the field of orthopedics is important in contributing and evolving GOA.

  • Our senior members contribute by sharing their acquired knowledge and experience over the years. This knowledge is laden with thousand of surgeries and outcomes they have seen over years of experience.
  • They then shape up the second line who in turn contributes by actively implementing this knowledge and mentoring fellow members. The second line surgeons are the true connect, support and executioners of the process.
  • The most enthusiastic youngest generation offer their contributions with new ideas and try to nudge others in their direction by presenting and publishing their innovations and observations.

To implement these features, we look forward for our members' enthusiastic contributions, support and suggestions on how we can better this effort. Your suggestions form a valuable part in this process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide authentic medium and platform to communicate within our fraternity and keep each member informed about the latest in Orthoworld and happenings at Gujarat Orthopedic Association and its affiliated regional chapters.

We hope that this step taken by us will attain new milestones of success.


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