President Theme for year 2021 – 22.

Dr. Vikas Jain

Orthopaedics beyond Scalpel.

This year’s theme is based on the Presidents Community Initiative. It is high time that orthopaedic surgeons across globe take initiatives to educate, aware the community of all ages, thus optimise the Bone and Joint Health. There are various activities that will be motivated from the EC of the current year in order to focus relentlessly on the above theme.

Secretary's Message

Dr. Kamlesh Devmurari

Dear friends Kem Cho!
These two words convey not just one greeting from the whole executive committee of Gujarat Orthopaedic Association but also our eagerness to extend a hearty welcome to a very well organised Association of Gujarat orthopaedic surgeons. The theme of this year 2021-22 is “stand up and speak up” and the full year has been thoughtfully planned in such a way that each members will get an opportunity to build on the basics to address the day to day challenges of clinical practice. we wish to have orthopaedic surgeons from all the district to participate in the scientific deliberation and Gujarat Orthopaedic Association will be an excellent platform to present quality work. Once  again we all welcome to all member for this great academic journey ahead.

Welcome to Gujarat Orthopedic Association

We at Gujarat Orthopedic Association are proud to present our website in new avatar!
This is not a simple website but a web application! You can actually interact with other members, post your cases and seek comments, suggestions.

  • The webapp will have digital directory of members and associate members.
  • Digital library: Members, resident members can log in the library, where all the study presentations will be stored in proper classified manner.
  • Membership portal : As part of membership drive and paperless technology the membership form, consent and approval will be automated followed by online payment gateway.
  • Members login and profile : Each member will have login, profile updating which they can do it by themselves.
  • Infinity page will enable members to actively participate by sending presentations, youtube links or video presentations.
  • The academic information flow will create tremendous value to the members, resident students.
  • Executive committee messages to all members can also be sent by single click.
  • Live events, webinars can be seen by direct link on the webapp.
  • Conferences management will also be possible through this dynamic application.

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Let us have evolution together by sharing! on our Platform

  • Our Misson
  • Our Vision

Our Misson

The Misson of the association is to edify - enlighten, improve, nurture, instruct, educate, teach, learn and spread...all the knowledge in the global orthopaedic ecosystem by sharing with each other. The knowledge should be imparted to the community as well as part of every orthopaedic surgeons Mission. Orthopaedic surgeons should serve the community by means of advocating knowledge for prevention of all possible orthopaedic diseases.

Evolution of Gujarat Orthopedic Association has been a result of contributions through hard work, sincerity and dedication by a number of our colleagues.

Every fraternity member belonging to the GOA contributes to its evolution in his own way. Every cadre of surgeons in the field of orthopedics is important in contributing and evolving GOA.

  • Our senior members contribute by sharing their acquired knowledge and experience over the years. This knowledge is laden with thousand of surgeries and outcomes they have seen over years of experience.
  • They then shape up the second line who in turn contributes by actively implementing this knowledge and mentoring fellow members. The second line surgeons are the true connect, support and executioners of the process.
  • The most enthusiastic youngest generation offer their contributions with new ideas and try to nudge others in their direction by presenting and publishing their innovations and observations.

To implement these features, we look forward for our members' enthusiastic contributions, support and suggestions on how we can better this effort. Your suggestions form a valuable part in this process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide authentic medium and platform to communicate within our fraternity and keep each member informed about the latest in Orthoworld and happenings at Gujarat Orthopedic Association and its affiliated regional chapters.

We hope that this step taken by us will attain new milestones of success.


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