Bone and Joint Day 4TH AUGUST

On 4th August, the Bone and Joint Day declared and observed under IOA aegis, GOA also carried out a plethora of activities and programs as suggested by IOA. 3360 participants including students, teachers, policemen, professional drivers (the designated target groups by IOA) were trained by specialists in the BLS- Basic Life Saving techniques including CPR - all over Gujarat in at least 10 different venues. We have done creditably well at the national level in contributing for the coveted Asian Book of Records citation which could merit and achieve.

Almost all the Executive Committee members played a prominent and active role in their regions and associations to plan and implement this dedicated project and activity of Bone and Joint Day all through Gujarat state. It was appreciated and received very well by the members, the society at large and the media-both digital and press gave adequate coverage to this social awareness and education program, initiated by IOA and propagated by GOA with great enthusiasm and energy.