Public awareness program

Gujarat Orthopaedic Association President Dr. Shrinivas Rao’s theme for the year 2023-24 –‘Building Bones, Strengthening Bonds’ resonated the IOA President’s theme of ‘ Strong Bones, Stronger Nation’. It was his dream and goal to infuse and involve the community at large regarding the silent menace of Osteoporosis.

It was a well-planned and meticulously implemented awareness program aimed at the impact areas of the society. Diligently and dexterously carved PowerPoint presentations in vernacular as well as English languages for various target groups of schools, colleges, social groups and clubs were a huge success story. Dr. Nishith Sanghavi was the compiler for these presentations.

There were more than 30 such awareness talks all around Gujarat wherein we could address to more than 5000 students, teachers, senior citizens and the hoi polloi.  It was aptly and optimally represented and covered in press, digital and social media-thereby creating a positive niche for GOA in the society. The quantum of this effort and efficiency will be certainly reflected in the times to come.

It has been a thoroughly enriching and fulfilling experience for all the members involved as well as for the beneficiaries.